Little Shop of Horrors

Rob Littler took the concept of community theatre to a new level by collaborating with Victoria Music and Widnes based theatre company ‘Split Ends’ on a mammoth undertaking! Little Shop of Horrors had never previously been performed at the Brindley Theatre and the production is a technically difficult one to do; man eating plants that grow before the audience’s eyes, choreography, big vocal harmonies.

The result of 15 months work was a resounding success and helped to cement Split Ends a s a force to be reckoned with in Community Theatre but also proved that in times of austerity there is little to be gained in ‘self defeating isolation’ in the arts as Rob Littler puts it!

Little Shop of Horrors proved beyond doubt what can be achieved when people with similar ethos and talents come together for the love of the art form.

This will not be the last collaboration Victoria Music Ltd will work on with others.