Praise For Bouncers

“Absolutely fabulous!! Laughed from beginning to end. You are amazing. Very well done!”

J Whitworth

“Just returned home from watching “Bouncers” at the Brindley. It was brilliantly funny, well rehearsed and introduced the local talent of Victoria Music Ltd Drama Group. Wow, guys, you were so funny. Long may you continue to entertain us.”

S Fisher

“A great evenings entertainment at the Brindley tonight.Bouncers is a very funny piece of drama with moments of tear inducing hilarity and moments of pathos.The dialogue and characters were wonderfully presented by the boys in the black suits.”

M Thomas

“Quality definitely worth going to see this, very clever young men at work, really well though out keeping it fresh for young and old.”

J Dayvis

“Absolutely loved this – nothing more therapeutic than having a good belly laugh amongst friends !! Well done lads on a fantastic performance.”

S Pickersgill

“Well done to all the lads in bouncers so funny, you did yourselves proud.”

H Jenkinson

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