New Project : The Big Sing!

VML is proud to announce a new project aimed at reducing loneliness and isolation and improving health and wellbeing through singing.

The Big Sing! will run weekly and will be a space where people can come to sing with no pressure of performance or solos. Following on from other successful projects like Vocalise and VML Music, group leader Rob Littler hopes that The Big Sing! will provide a unique opportunity for people to be part of a close and friendly community.

Group leader Rob Littler says;  “Music for well being and depression and to combat social isolation has so many other sides to it; it can help when all else fails and releases all the feel good chemicals in our body helping us to relax and to be at peace with ourselves. This is an experiment which, if successful will give people an outlet for music without any of the pressure of wondering whether to ‘join a choir or not’ just to surround oneself with music.”

The programme of songs will be entirely down to the members of the group who will share their love of their chosen genres with others. There will be no performances and therefore no pressure and indeed the group leader will facilitate rather than teach. Anyone who wishes to move on to performing will be invited to our other connected groups but The Big Sing! Is here purely for fun!

Other aspects of the venture will be to provide a big social outlet for people based around song, refreshments and maybe down the line some crafts whilst we are singing and the leaders will look for funds for discounted group theatre trips and trips to Liverpool Philharmonic for example to further grow the sense of community spirit within our members.

The Big Sing! will be held at St Michael’s Church Hall every Tuesday from 7-8.30pm. The cost is £4 per session to cover costs.  The Big Sing! is supported by Halton Arts Development.