Hamlet returns to the Brindley

Following the abandoned Friday show and cancelled Saturday we are pleased to announce that both performances have been re-booked at the Brindley for March 10th and 11th. The Saturday 11th show is a re-schedule from Friday and all tickets have been allocated. The Friday 10th show still has limited tickets available, please email us if you would like tickets.

If you have a ticket for the cancelled Saturday performance it will be accepted on the door on Friday 10th March. If you had a ticket for the Friday performance which was abandoned and you have not been contacted by us please email so that we can allocate you a ticket to the Saturday 11th March show.

VML would like to thank our audience members for their patience and re-assure them that Ryan McDonald (Hamlet) is fit and healthy again! The cast cannot wait to see you for the re-scheduled performances at the Brindley.

Revised Cast List

Hamlet – Ryan McDonald
Claudius – John Bazley
Gertrude – Claire Choat
Ophelia – Helen Kiely
Laertes – Michael Clarke
Polonius – Mike Bignall
Ghost – Darren Gibbons
Horatio – George Rees
Rosencrantz – Kirsty Walker
Guildenstern – Martina Keith Stewart
Player King / Priest – Lee Norward-Green
Player Queen – Lisa Bazley
Francisco – Kim Clarke
Marcellus – Gaynor O’Grady
Bernardo/Voltemond/Cornelius – Jenna Highfield
Clown – Reece Moss Doyle

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