What we do : in the words of our VML family

To see the impact of what VML does you really have to ask our users, and we’ve collated some of the best testimonials to show what impact VML has on people’s lives.

“Friends accept you as you really are. Theatrical friends accept you as you would like to be! It’s irresistible!”

CM, Adult VML

“There is no jealousy here, just support to fulfil your dreams, encourage the young ones and giveback to the community.”

HJ, Adult VML and Adult Drama

“I’m incredibly proud to be a part of Victoria Music. I’ve been very open about how much it helped me at the lowest point of my life and I know it’s done the same or similar for others.

Some people just want to have a go, some in the chorus some in the spotlight, it doesn’t matter which –  VML lets you have your moment.”

MB, Adult VML and Adult Drama

“Thank you all for immediately accepting me into the show despite my lack of experience and my late arrival to the group, I’m looking forward to the next show we do and all after that.”

JL, Adult VML and Youth Drama

“Really enjoyed being part of VML. When you’ve been on stage once, you just want more and it was great teamwork. Know the feeling?”

ND, Adult VML

“Thank you for  the show tonight, it was the most amazing experience! I love VML and feel like I’ve found a second family in you guys – I’m looking forward to everything we do in the future!!”

DN, Adult VML

“It’s an honour to perform with VML as always, even as a Victoria Music veteran!”

MC, Youth Drama and Adult VML

“It was a dream come true for me to do a musical theatre song on a real stage and I had an absolute blast. I am so grateful to all of you wonderful people!”

LE, Frodsham Sings

“Thank you so much for giving me this experience, I have thoroughly enjoyed every second from start to finish.”

KE, Frodsham Sings


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