VML member Lee wins Halton’s Got Talent

A very Proud moment for VML on Saturday Night! Lee Norwood-Green won the best Over 25’s category in Halton’s Got Talent. In a short space of time Lee has become an integral part of VML and it’s plans. He played several roles in Hamlet back in January to much praise; played a drag queen in Golden Songs  and a rabbi in Curtain Up Light the Lights! He also fufilled a lifetime ambition and played Frankenfurter in the Rocky Horror Set of Summer Song at the Brindley.

Lee is soon to appear in the VML Sketch Show next week also at the Brindley and then next spring takes on the pivotal role of Reverend Parish in our adaptation of The Crucible alongside his husband and fellow VML member Drew Norwood-Green. We salute you Lee and your performance in the final was stunning!

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