Youth Drama – The kids love it!

As Chairman of VML, I like to keep my finger on the pulse, and decided to pay a ‘fly on the wall’ visit to our Youth Drama Group.

VML Youth Drama is ably run by our volunteer Donna Robinson who pre-plans the group excersises ready for her eager army of participants, that came pouring through the doors full of excitement.

On the evening I attended, there were 4 brand new members, so Donna started off with some fun ice breakers, and soon had the new kids and our regulars laughing. Next came a bit of improvisation. The gang were split into groups and had to chose one item from a bag. They then had to go away for ten minutes and come up with a script using the item that they had picked. One of the items was a toilet roll, which was scripted into an hilarous advertisment for cleanliness. Another item was a gentleman’s neck tie, which became a dangerous snake.

Then there were the tongue twisters! Part of performance is learning how to annunciate and project the voice. Donna and CEO Rob Littler presented some tongue twisters, with comical results, and had myself and all of our youths in hysterics.

I learned that our Youth Drama group is ticking along very nicely indeed. Donna has made it a fun filled learning environment. I saw the new members come into the room a little shy, and leave the room at the end of the session having made new friends, gaining a little more confidence, and looking forward to the following week.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.


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