VML on the radio? VML on the radio!

Earlier this week, Robert Littler, Darren Gibbons and Michael Carroll were trained to use the software to present on Halton Community Radio 92.3FM in the near future! This will be a continuous slot, every Tuesday from 2pm-4pm. As always VML has big plans for the future of this time slot and we’re very excited to get started!

Following the sad death of Sue Ellison, who’s magazine show was a mainstay on Tuesday afternoons at the station, VML were asked to step in. Sue was a long time supporter of VML, and we are honoured to have had our names put forward to follow in her footsteps. We hope to do her name justice and put an a show even half as good as she brought to the table and honour her memory.

November shows

Finally with the lock down restrictions being lifted again, theatres are starting to open, which means we can get back to normality again. We’ve taken the opportunity to get 2 shows lined up for November at The Brindley!

Firstly we have our very popular Sketch Show, the third instalment! Get ready for lost of laughs, jokes and some nostalgia from popular sketches throughout the years on November 25th

Next we have Friday Night Winner which will be a show hosted by our very own Robert Littler and Darren Gibbons. It’s a mix of music, comedy, fun and audience prizes! You don’t want to miss out on November 26th

We’re all very excited to finally be getting back inside the theatres and we can’t wait to see you all there