The Crucible

The Crucible was performed in the Brindley Studio on the 17th, 18th and 19th of May 2018.

Arthur Miller’s chilling tale of conformity and religious panic chronicles the Salem Witch Trials, in which 19 people were hanged after being found guilty of witchcraft based on scant and hysterical evidence from a group of young women.

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Director : Adam Choat

Producer : Rob Littler

Costumes : Margaret Kiely and Helen Kiely


Abigail Williams – Helen Kiely

John Proctor – Adam Choat

Elizabeth Proctor – Claire Choat

Reverend Parris – John Bazley

Betty Parris – Gemma Clark

Mercy Lewis – Martina Marie Keith-Stewart

Tituba – Jenna Highfield

Ann Putnam – Kaytie Jones

Thomas Putnam – Michael Clarke

Susanna Walcott – Iona Keith-Stewart

Mary Warren – Frankie Littler

Giles Corey – Mike Bignall

Rebecca Nurse – Gaynor O’Grady

Francis Nurse – Jamie Croft

Reverend Hale – Drew Norwood-Green

Ezekiel Cheever – George Reese

Herrick – Keith Walker

Judge Hathorne – Paul Hammond

Deputy Governor Thomas Danforth – Ryan McDonald

Sarah Good – Rebecca Lightfoot



“Wow, that was fantastic! Thoroughly enjoyed the show, came with some friends who have never been to a VML show before and they were blown away by the talent on show tonight” CB, Runcorn.

“I saw the crucible last night and found the performance to be fantastic. Especially as an amateur production. It was slick, the performances believable and the cast well suited to their roles.”   MC, Runcorn