The Sketch Show

On September 13th and 14th 2017 at the Brindley Studio, Runcorn, VML staged their first ever comedy sketch show, performing favourite TV and radio comedy sketches and songs.

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Directed by Rob Littler and Adam Choat

Production Tech and Management : Rob Littler, Alexandra Littler, Adam Choat

Filmed by : Keith Walker PremierFoto

One Liners – Gareth Hopwood

Act One

Noddy (Mick Miller) – Darren Gibbons

Four Yorkshiremen (Monty Python) – Ryan McDonald, Lee Norwood-Green, John Bazley, Mike Bignall

Cake (French and Saunders) – Martina Keith-Stewart and Jenna Highfield

Kevin Becomes A Teenager (Harry Enfield and Chums) – Ryan McDonald (Kevin), John Bazley (Dad), Brenda Kenworthy (Mum)

What Happens When You Go To School (Absolutely) – Jayne Holland

Vicky Pollard in Court (Little Britain) – Darren Gibbons (Vicky) and Helen Kiely (Magistrate)

Business Time (Flight of the Conchords) – Mike Bignall (Vocals), John Bazley (Guitar)

Mastermind (The Two Ronnies) – Ryan McDonald (Charlie Smithers), Rob Littler (Magnus Magnusson)

Janice and Ray – Shittake Mushrooms (Catherine Tate Show) – Jenna Highfield and Adam Choat

Fatitude (Victoria Wood) – Gaynor O’Grady

Kevin and Perry’s Night Out (Harry Enfield and Chums) – Ryan McDonald (Kevin), Kirsty Walker (Perry), John Bazley (Dad), Brenda Kenworthy (Mum)

Sister Mary Immaculate (Caroline Aherne) – Jenna Highfield

Marjorie Dawes Fat Fighters (Little Britain) – Darren Gibbons

Perry Returns From Manchester (Harry Enfield and Chums) – Kirsty Walker (Perry), Ryan McDonald (Kevin), Brenda Kenworthy (Mum)

Janice and Ray – Goat Curry (Catherine Tate Show) – Jenna Highfield and Adam Choat

Two Soups (Victoria Wood) – Helen Jenkinson (Waitress), John Bazley (Man), Helen Kiely (Woman)

Act Two

Albatross (Monty Python) – Lee Norwood-Green (Usherette) and John Bazley (Customer)

Dinner for One (Freddie Frinton) – Helen Kiely (Miss Sophie) and George Rees (James)

Tactless Ali – Stutter (Catherine Tate Show) – Kirsty Walker (Ali), Ryan McDonald (Shawn), John Bazley (John)

Mel B (Bo Selecta) – Darren Gibbons

Tactless Ali – Cleft Palate (Catherine Tate Show) – Kirsty Walker (Ali), Jenna Highfield (Susan), Adam Choat (Adam)

Argument Clinic (Monty Python) – Ryan McDonald (Customer), Lee Norwood-Green (Arguer), John Bazley (Abuser), Martina Keith-Stewart (Receptionist)

Vicky Pollard – Westlife CD (Little Britain) – Darren Gibbons (Vicky) and Gaynor O’Grady (Social Worker)

Turkish Baths (Victoria Wood) – Jayne Holland and Helen Jenkinson

The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God (Des O’Connor and Jack Douglas) – Lee Norwood-Green and Brenda Kenworthy

Tactless Ali – Deaf (Catherine Tate Show) – Kirsty Walker (Ali), Martina Keith-Stewart (Davina), Darren Gibbons (Darren)

Four Candles  (The Two Ronnies) – Adam Choat (Shopkeeper), Mike Bignall (Customer), Darren Gibbons (Mr Jones)

Not an Asp (Kenneth Williams) – Rob Littler (Viper Owner), Ryan McDonald (Passenger)

Work Singing  (Smack the Pony) – Kirsty Walker and Martina Keith-Stewart

Emily Howard (Little Britain) – John Bazley (Emily), Darren Gibbons (Man), Adam Choat (Barman)

Tactless Ali – Hat (Catherine Tate Show) – Kirsty Walker (Ali), George Rees (Hat), Mike Bignall (Mark)

Janice and Ray – Gazpacho (Janice and Ray) – Jenna Highfield and Adam Choat

Dead Parrot Sketch (Monty Python) – Mike Bignall (Shopkeeper) and Lee Norwood-Green (Customer)

Ballad of Barry and Freda (Victoria Wood) – The Cast