New Exciting Project!

VML has been approached by Halton Borough Council to work with GLOW an LGBTQ+ friendly youth group in Halton and St Helens to create dramas focusing on raising awareness on different topics. These include bullying, drug awareness, sexuality and gender equality.

Our hopes is that by helping raise awareness to these issues we can break down as many barriers as possible, making these topics easier to talk about with friends and family members, while also educating them on these topics. This is an exciting opportunity and we’re very excited to see what the groups will create!

Youth drama is back!

We’re happy to announce that Youth Drama is back! We’re following all the current guidelines around social distancing while still keeping the energy and drive that we always have. Working closely with the new VML Writers Circle, we hope that the youth drama will be able to perform some hard hitting productions in the near future, and even get a few radio shows under their belt. Watch this space!

First of many more shows!

Yesterday – June 1st – was VML’s first show on the radio! Hosted by Robert Littler, Darren Gibbons and Michael Carroll they took to it like a fish to water. Taking lots of song requests, talking about the future of the VML show and having some laughs along the way, the 2 hour slot flew by.

VML has had some amazing feedback for the first show, we’re excited for more! Don’t forget to tune in and give us a listen on Halton Community Radio 92.3fm.


James Wooding: Cracking first show guys – Well Done!
Danielle Welsh: Loved listening in from start to finish!
James Swift: Great stuff, well done
Mark Mainwaring: Really enjoyed the show. Decent tunes

VML on the radio? VML on the radio!

Earlier this week, Robert Littler, Darren Gibbons and Michael Carroll were trained to use the software to present on Halton Community Radio 92.3FM in the near future! This will be a continuous slot, every Tuesday from 2pm-4pm. As always VML has big plans for the future of this time slot and we’re very excited to get started!

Following the sad death of Sue Ellison, who’s magazine show was a mainstay on Tuesday afternoons at the station, VML were asked to step in. Sue was a long time supporter of VML, and we are honoured to have had our names put forward to follow in her footsteps. We hope to do her name justice and put an a show even half as good as she brought to the table and honour her memory.

November shows

Finally with the lock down restrictions being lifted again, theatres are starting to open, which means we can get back to normality again. We’ve taken the opportunity to get 2 shows lined up for November at The Brindley!

Firstly we have our very popular Sketch Show, the third instalment! Get ready for lost of laughs, jokes and some nostalgia from popular sketches throughout the years on November 25th

Next we have Friday Night Winner which will be a show hosted by our very own Robert Littler and Darren Gibbons. It’s a mix of music, comedy, fun and audience prizes! You don’t want to miss out on November 26th

We’re all very excited to finally be getting back inside the theatres and we can’t wait to see you all there

Our YouTube Channel is Growing!

During the first lock down we created our very own YouTube channel to keep the arts flowing. Over the next year we wrote our own stories, poems and productions to be recorded for the channel, and we’ve been going from strength to strength!

We’ve recently surpassed 11,000 views for all of our videos so far totalling to almost 700 hours watch time, and in just over a year we’ve gained 107 subscribers and are steadily growing! If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out the channel! It’s jam packed with drama, comedy, passion and so much more!

We’re immensely proud of our achievements and we’re always planning ahead for more content for the channel, and now that lock down restrictions are being lifted somewhat, we’re planning some in person recording sessions. We have big plans for so many future series’ and we can’t wait to share them with you all!

A new take on a Christmas classic

VML are delighted to bring a freshly written piece by Helen A. Kiely, which brings the voices of the female characters from the Dickens classic ‘A Christmas Carol’

Helen, who has been performing with VML since 2014 came up with this original idea to join forces with The Studio Widnes, and have the ladies in this tale, tell their story. It will be performed by fabulous local actors, and interspersed with carols and tableaux.

Christmas ….. too soon?

As with any good organisation, we tend to think ahead. With that in mind we are preparing our Christmas offerings.

We have a very special piece which is being currently written by one of our group participants, the very talented Helen A. Kiely, and which is in collaboration with the wonderful people at The Studio, Widnes.

We can’t give anything away just yet, but we can guarantee you will love it, and what’s more …… it will be free to watch! The play will be shown on our YouTube channel in December 2020, with links available on all of our usual social media pages.

Back in the act!

We are so happy to announce that our Drama groups will be returning!

We shall be bringing the Adult Drama group back in small sub groups, each working on a different project. Our Youth Drama will be split into two groups at different time slots. This way we can ensure that all of our participants can safely adhere to social distancing guidelines. If you would like more information, please contact us on one of our social media platforms, or get in touch with us by email on We will be very pleased to help.