I first found Rob Littler and Victoria Music Group more than five years ago by chance when reading the Inside Halton magazine. My son was at the time twelve years old and loved to sing and perform at any opportunity, he had been involved with a group but there didn’t seem to be any progression or opportunities to do what he enjoyed. I had made the decision to pull my son out of the group which I knew was right but still felt awful so was looking for something that suited him better. I emailed Rob who told me to take my son along to the group and although they were in the middle of rehearsals for a musical he could still be involved. In that first musical surprisingly he was given a solo role and has since gone on to do two more musicals again with solo roles, various charity performances throughout the borough and joined the children’s vocalise group . He has been given unexpected opportunities and experiences from being involved with Victoria Music and feels a true sense of belonging. As a teenage boy he is dealing with his voice breaking and suffering from major confidence issues something he is being guided through and encouraged to overcome by Rob. Thanks to Rob Littler I have had the opportunity to see my son do something that he loves and watched him with tremendous support grow in confidence.

Lynne Clark