What’s On

July 13th – Mad About the Musicals – Brindley Theatre Studio   Get tickets

September 3rd – The 60s Are Back! – Brindley Theatre Main Stage  Get tickets


Get involved!

Monday 9-10.30 Little Treasures parents, carers and toddlers group (everyone welcome)

Tuesday 7-9 The Big Sing (everyone welcome)

Wednesday 5.30-7 Youth Drama (open to new members)

Wednesday 7-9 Adult drama (open to new members)

Thursday 7-9 VML adult singing (15 plus – open to new members)

Saturday 10-12 – Vocalise under 18s (open to new members)

VML Journey

I was invited to join the VML drama group to help out a friend as they wanted someone to fill a ‘small part’ in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. As a Shakespeare fan I thought it would be an interesting challenge and something I could talk to my daughter about who is studying acting at college. Two days later I find myself cast as the main antagonist in the play with hundreds of lines to learn.

Never having acted before I did look to Robert for advice and guidance which was provided enthusiastically, constructively, patiently and always in a positive manner. This gave me the belief in myself to perform in front of an audience for the first time.

Not only has this provided me with a opportunity to perform, which is something I had never saw myself doing a year ago, but it enables a springboard for young talent to develop and achieve their goals within the performing arts.

In a short space of time I have witnessed a number of people, from a diverse group, gain confidence in their acting skills and perform at a high standard. The impressive levels of support, dedication and teamwork seen within VML is directly influenced by Robert’s energy and passion for developing talent in this space.

John B, adult actor

Impressive levels of support and teamwork

Vocalise has helped me in a number of ways. A couple of years ago, I would not have considered standing up and singing in front of a few people, let alone singing solos in front of dozens. It has boosted my confidence and allowed me to develop my voice. As well as this, I have made life-long friends, whom I would never have met if not for Vocalise. The fun we have as a group is just as important as what we learn.

Kerry McLoughlin